Like the rest of the young female demographic of North America, I attented a showing of The Fault In Our Stars on Friday afternoon. I had read the book last Winter after a friend of mine promised it would blow me away. And it did. Of course, my expections for the movie were also pretty high based on my in depth analysis of the trailer. By the time critics got their hands on it, I was already convinced it was going to be great. And it was.

But this blog (entry, post, blurb… I don’t know what I should call this thing!)  isn’t about TFIOS. As a matter of fact, I want to discuss another film entirely. When I got home on Friday afternoon, a quick IMDb search for Nat Wolff (Isaac) led me to the 2012 independent film Stuck In Love. It was my admiration for young actor, Logan Lerman, that really pushed me to give this film a try.

Unike TFIOS, I had little expections for Stuck In Love, if any at all. I thought it was very probable that I’d enjoy it and my time would not be entirely wasted. Instead, I found myself delightfully surprised, hence the title of my post. I’ve fancied myself a writer since I was fifteen and not once have I watched a movie that has accurately captured my feelings on the subject. Until now. I immediately identified with both Sam (Lily Collins), Rusty (Nat Wolff), and Lou (Logan Lerman). Characters that share my dream and desires has been hard to come by.

On top of that, the relationships in this film are realistic. Contrary to popular belief, romance still exists in real life. This film taps into that romance and leaves out the dramatic fluff that usually pushes the limits for cynics. And I, for one, am grateful for that. Stuck In Love was a surprisingly beautiful film that has reminded me to give the unknown a chance more often because I might discover something really great.



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